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All Occasion Event Rentals is owned and operated by Hospice North Hastings. As an asset of Hospice and because we are non government funded,  AOER will be sold in the coming months to enable Hospice programs to continue in our community. Hospice has always been self sufficient with our fundraising and has many social enterprises...unfortunately Covid 19 has forced the closure of them which has resulted in loss of revenue for Hospice.

The announcment for the sale is being made on Friday, May 15th and items that are listed on our website such as tables, chairs, dishes, flatware, tents etc. will now have their sale price listed as of Tuesday May 19th.  The small house and large storage building located at 21 Bridge Street East in Bancroft will also be sold and a price is being determined for those assets.

HST applies to all items being sold.

Prior to the sale of any of our tents we will be laying out the tent so that the purchaser can examine it. We have one 20x30 tent, two 30x40 tents and one 40x60 tent that has two additional panels that can extend the tent to 40x80 and 40x100.

All sales are final. 

Please note that this is a web based sale and that orders to be filled will be determined by  date and time of "wishlist" arriving via our website email to our computers.  You need to send in that form which is part of our sale set up on our website to get on the list for items to be sold. It is first come..first serve. We will reply back via email as to what items are still available for purchase and to arrange a payment and pick up time.   Please do not try and contact us by phone or general email as the Hospice House is closed during Covid 19












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